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 Read what some of Gill's students said about her classes!


Student’s Feedback - these comments are taken from the feedback forms of the discontinued Northumberland Berwick-on-Tweed courses. 


  • I so enjoy coming to these classes, every Tuesday is special.  My enjoyment comes from a good teacher in Gill, excellent exercise sequence and a good group. It’s something to look forward to in my week.
  • Helps me to relax and maintain flexibility.  Variety of postures and personal input from teacher.
  • Keeps me relaxed and positive.  Enjoyed learning the yoga and would like to continue.
  • I really enjoyed the course and the main point was the tutor who was fantastic.  Gill knows yoga inside out and is patient to help us to improve.
  • The course is perfect as it is – Gill Gibbens is an excellent teacher in every way.
  • A very friendly class where there is no need for improvement with such a brilliant teacher.
  • Gets me out of the house, feel better about myself, it’s fun, really. Easy going and informal.
  • I feel better, happier.  I know what to do if my back hurts.  It was great.
  • I feel strongly motivated and more fit.  I loved all!
  • Gentle relaxed presentation.  Sessions given with humour.  Very enjoyable and informative.
  • Everything and no improvements needed.
  • Outstanding teacher. I hope you have re-employed her..or I’ll be following Gill wherever she goes. I’m training to be a yoga teacher now!
  • Helps keep me fit and more mobile after a hip replacement.  Ways to practice at home to keep fit during the holidays.
  • It has helped to bring focus back to my body’s needs.  Learning new things. Meeting new people.
  • It is great doing this yoga course.  Keeps me positive and healthy. Many more please. Friendly, helpful, informative, fun.
  • I like the teaching of poses, practice of relaxation.  It improves my flexibility.
  • Everything I enjoyed and Gill is a wonderful teacher and I look forward to another year of yoga with her.
  • Easy to follow, enthusiasm of teacher and a great way to spend 1½ hours. As yet we are unaware of when our yoga classes recommence or where they will be held and we hope Gill will be re-employed to take our classes as usual.
  • Yoga helps me to relax and concentrate on the exercises and forget my stressful life for an hour or so weekly.
  • Consider all aspects of course beneficial and good pace and congenial group. Excellent tutor, takes a keen interest in us individually.
  • I have advancing arthritis and other joint pain. This helps me with pain control and relaxation.
  • Improve health.  Friendly, knowledgeable tutor.
  • The tutor! Longer relaxation.
  • No improvement, it is brilliant!
  • Friendly, health enhancing, fun.  Atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • KEEPS ME MOBILE! Friendly atmosphere and constant encouragement.
  • Variety of lessons taught in an informative and careful manner with much encouragement.
  • Keeps me supple and mobile and helps with breathing. Variety of poses and classes. Relaxation techniques.
  • Gives me some me time.  Good atmosphere.
  • Relaxing and de-stressing.  Also more flexible and toned.  Friendly class of all ages. Teacher v friendly and approachable.
  • Relaxed and helped with stress.  Everyone is friendly. Very helpful.
  • It relaxes me and I feel more alive.  Nothing, it’s enjoyable!
  • Helps me stay active as I age. Everything, the group interaction with the teacher
  • Very relaxing class and a nice social group attending. Has improved my body strength and confidence.
  •  I am more employable, fitter, sexier and a better mother as a result of my yoga classes.  I liked the teacher, I don’t like the forms.
  • Gill is a fantastic yoga teacher and able to make a positive input on all aspects of yoga.
  • Helped me to keep fit and relax.
  • Feel more able to relax and cope with stresses.  Feel energized after sessions. Loved it all.
  • Much more flexible, can relax and it helps stress relief.  Enjoyed learning yoga and meeting up with class every week
  • Enjoyed course, hope to continue yoga in the future.
  • This class has helped with regard to Achilles.  Love the sense of team/class, undertaking challenges. Great, so helpful and knowledgeable.
  •  More flexible, gets me out of the house.  Lots of different types of yoga covered, breathing, balance, salutations, relaxation.



 Di Flitcroft of Horncliffe says:

"It must have been nearly 20 years ago, not long after Gill had started teaching yoga, that I went to my first class in Greenlaw - and was instantly hooked. I was inspired so much by Gill's classes that when I moved away from the Borders for some years I always signed up for a yoga class wherever I was. I have been to a lot of different teachers! Not one of whom has measured up to Gill, whose style, I have discovered, is unique - there is fun and warmth but also, always, serious teaching.
Thank you Gill!"

 Joyce Cook of Kelso says:   

   "I've been doing Yoga now for over 30 years and I was pregnant with my first child when I started.  Over that time I have known a number of different teachers, each with their own style. 
   I first met Gill when she was doing her yoga teacher training when in Hazel Brownlee’s class. She rapidly developed an ability to engage with her class with a wonderful mixture of sympathy, skill and humour to get bodies of all sizes, shapes and ages to work quite hard and actually enjoy it.
    Gill has a style which strikes a wonderful balance between understanding how and why the postures work and the pleasure of doing them - all coupled with good humour.  The routine may be essentially the same but there is always a surprise to look forward to!  I never cease to enjoy Gill's classes." 

Ruth MacKay of Kelso says:

When Gill joined the Kelso Yoga class as a student, her infectious humour and enthusiasm were apparent right away.  We all enjoyed sharing her experiences as she trained.  We were all delighted Gill was able to take over the class. 
    I have had a ten year "holiday" from yoga while working full time, but the first thing I did when I took a part-time post was to return to Gill's Friday morning class.  Over these years Gill has retained all her enthusiasm and has developed her own distinctive style of teaching.  There are new ideas, and lots of variety, along with the opportunities to practise the things we enjoy most - and the things we need to do more of!

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